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Sonic Project 2017 looks like the game to get us all playing Sonic again


Project Sonic

Sonic The Hedgehog’s 25th Anniversary Party on Friday was no teary-eyed lament of by-gone glories, it actually turned out to be pretty significant for the future of everyone’s favourite blue hog.

Sega announced not one, but two new Sonic games for current-generation consoles.

Most of the excitement appears to be focused around Project Sonic 2017, a brand new title for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and… wait for it… Nintendo NX.

The trailer portrayed a new adventure, set for release by the end of next year, in which both the modern day Sonic and the classic character of yesteryear will work together.

From the Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations creators, the trailer encourages gamers to Join The Resistance against a giant destructive Dr Eggman, who appears to have has laid waste to at least one city.

Speculation since the launch of the trailer has suggested this game could be Sonic Generations 2? Check it out for yourself below.

Next up is Sonic Mania, a brand new 2D, 16-bit styled adventure, where he’ll be joined by his old pals Tails and Knuckles.

The 25th Anniversary game will reimagine the classics, add brand new zones and even introduce an all-new Drop Dash move, that makes it possible to speed away in either direction as soon as you land a jump.

The trailer calls it “the ultimate celebration of past and future” and it’ll be available in Spring 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Which Sonic game looks more likely to rekindle your love for the iconic Sega star? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


July 25, 2016, 9:30 am

Definitely excited for Sonic Mania. The gameplay, music and visual style look fantastic and are all I've ever really wanted from Sonic. Also, the trailer itself is masterfully put together. The graphic design, the editing, the music chosen - it really works well.


October 13, 2016, 4:21 am

Yeah, I'm pretty interested in the Sonic Project, myself. It's kind of hard to tell much by the teaser...but hey, I'm a sucker for a good dystopia. But it has to be done right. They need to have a solid plot and a good story to really earn my excitement for this. Because, well, that's what I like about Sonic. I love the characters and the stories, and I wish they really got a chance to shine. Games like Sonic Adventures, Sonic Rush, Sonic Unleashed, and even Sonic Riders, with their respective sequels - those were the best. They had dynamic storylines to go along with the gameplay (and some great music, too). So...I *really* hope that this new project can do that. I hope it can truly be something fresh. I'd hate to see Sonic fade into the sidelines. But anyhow, if we get to see Sonic & friends join forces in a good old-fashioned "resistance" worthy of Freedom Fighter status, I'm totally in.

Moin Wahabi

December 25, 2016, 9:57 pm

It is this time, there will be a anthropomorphic butterfly name Ziggy the Butterfly in the future sonic games:

Ziggy is a blue anthropomorphic butterfly name comes from her ability to control lightning, as it forms a zig-zag pattern. She is also known as: Project Lightning and Fuzzy White.

Ziggy was born from Southeast Asia. She makes a powerful being that looked fragile and innocent; though, she is different in the fact that she had to age like other Mobians, even if it was through the development pod, rather than normal growth. She was known as "Project Lightning", due to her ability to control light/energy, which is where her nickname "Ziggy" comes from. Since she had nowhere to go, she flew to a hidden moon that orbits Mobius, Ayi. Once she arrived, she noticed that all the regions resented each other and had done so for centuries after the Somalian War. She tried to be sure that she was anointed Lady Ziggy of Ayi, where she currently resides. She sometimes returns to Mobius to visit old friends. As Ziggy went to the small moon, Ayi, she was given a powerful pendant which controlled her chaotic-natured abilities. This pendant didn't suit her style, though, so she refitted the gemstone into her black collar. The citizens of Ayi told her it would help if she wore it, so she did. It controls her powers, so she isn't a threat to herself and others, though still very powerful.

Her attire consists of a royal blue tube dress with a white, twin-tailed trim; a black collar with an aqua gemstone, black fingerless gloves with blue rings and royal blue, white and black boots with blue rings. She has white scales and her eyes are turquoise. Her antennae are white and end in blue tips with black trims. The aqua gemstone on her collar glows brightly, whereas the blue rings glow slightly less, and her eyes only glow when she is upset or using her powers. Since Ziggy is a physical being made of pure energy, enough light must be reflecting off of her body in order for her to be visible. If there is no light at all, she can be classed as invisible. This is why her wings are sometimes not visible, they need a lot more light than the rest of her body to be seen. Also, she can retract them and change their shape depending on their current purpose, as she can change the shape of her energy.
Being pure energy, she is always quite warm. Hence her pretty much constant blushing.

Ziggy has trust issues due to her past, although she was very trusting when she was younger and thus more naive. She's quite hot-headed in the sense that if makes her angry, as she has an uncontrollable temper; though her collar's aqua gemstone seems to emit a calming effect. Acting tough at first, and doesn't say much as a result of that. Ziggy's motto is "Why can't you do it?" She's a pacifist until provoked but passionate like fire. Ziggy is quite friendly and engaged once she's comfortable.


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