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Sonic Boom is the most unpopular Sonic game ever


Sonic Boom

The poorly received Sonic Boom games for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS are the worst performing games in the history of Sega’s most storied franchise, it has emerged.

In its earnings report, filed this week, Sega reports just 490,000 combined copies of Rise of Lyric on Wii U and Shattered Crystal for 3DS. The company isn’t saying whether that’s games sold or units shipped either.

The figures put the unfavourably-reviewed, bug-ridden Sonic Boom games at the bottom of the pile when it comes to previous sales hauls for the iconic blue hedgehog’s major outings, according to Eurogamer.

The site points out even Sonic Colors racked up 2.18m sales back in 2010, while Sonic Lost World for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS managed to rack up more than 710,000 sales.

Those numbers pale in comparison to the original Sonic The Hedgehog which amassed 15m, the sequel which took in 6m and the brilliant Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics for the original Nintendo Wii, which sold 11.3m.

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Does this underwhelming outing consign Sonic to gaming history? Or can Sega’s most celebrated character spin himself out of this mess and rise again?

Is it time for Sega to put Sonic out to stud? Let us know your thoughts below.

Alex Walsh

February 13, 2015, 8:22 am

It entirely depends if they make a decent game or not. Sonic Boom was awful.

Leonard Norwood Jr.

February 13, 2015, 2:42 pm

Yeah, but it is going to be a real, real REAAAAL long shot from here. This puts off people wanting to buy another Sonic game. Sega's had this coming, and I don't even blame the fictional character, but the guys managing him. And with Sega going mobile and PC now, who knows when these guys will do consoles games at that point. Plenty of people are already claiming Sonic dead already since he's had a rough time with 3D. With Sonic Colors, Generatons, Racing Transformed, being the only decent to good games in the franchises. Unleashed and Lost World barely makes the gap. I believe that they know better and can make Sonic great on 3D. It is just that people have been believing that's not his strong point since several games after Adventure 2 has not been up to much in their perspectives. But that's their opinion and not fact.

Whatever they are going to do with Sonic. 2D or 3D, either they sit down and rethink their ways or just go coward and leave Sonic hanging thinking that he can't sell anymore, which I will be very peeved if they choose the latter. I'm already upset that Sega blew it and sonic boom as a spin off had bad reviews, so I'm not that surprised. I just don't like the immaturity of the people's comments, some of it right now. They don't know jack as they claim just becuase they played bad games, but that's the only way they know they feel because a franchises that made it all this way shouldn't be messing up this bad, compared to Mario who's still be rolling it every year since his debut one way or another.


February 14, 2015, 6:22 pm

Sega really needs to sit down and rethink their strategy; I know they didn't make either Sonic Boom game but I did a research of their timeline after listening to a retrospective of the Sonic series and it makes for shocking reading. There has almost always been at least two Sonic games released almost every year, whether it's a handheld, arcade, spin-off or main series game. So from that evidence, Sega really should slow themselves down and streamline the series; take what works best and run with it

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