Snap’s Spectacles are a sales success paving the way for more Snapchat wearable tech

In a world where Google’s high-end Glass smart glasses have failed make it big, it turns out having plastic glasses that can shoot and share 30 seconds of video is the way to go. 

Or at least that’s what has worked for Snapchat’s parent company Snap and its Spectacles, which have sold 150,000 units of the basic wearable tech, beating Snap’s own target sales by 50%.

Speaking at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in California, Snap’s chief exec Evan Speigel noted that Snap has predicted it would sell 100,000 Spectacles, but the £130 glasses have blitzed that target and could potentially open the door for more wearables from Snap that have simple and straight forward purposes.

Unlike Google Glass and other high-tech smart glasses that try and merge a host of features and functions together, all Snap’s Spectacles can do is shoot 30 second video clips at the touch of a button on the right hand side of the glasses’ frame. Captured clips can then be sent to a wearer’s smartphone then quickly shared online, naturally with Snapchat sharing in mind.

While the Spectacles have a plastic build and are not exactly subtle in their design, they keep things simple and a light illuminates when they’re recording, meaning nearby people won’t have to worry about being secretly filmed proving they’re not completely ignorant of their surroundings.

As such, the Spectacles avoid the ‘glasshole’ label early adopters of the Google Glass specs were branded with, which went some way to stopping Glass becoming much of a success or be seen beyond the tech haven of Silicon Valley.

While the Spectacles have not yet sold millions to be branded the next big thing, they still sold a few thousand units more than Apple’s iPod did in its first year in 2002, and we all know what a success that became.

Snap is likely to keep developing its Spectacles, with a second-generation pair of Spectacles potentially bringing augmented reality into the mix.

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