Smarter’s Wi-Fi Coffee Machine will wake you when a pot has brewed

If you’ve visited Trusted Reviews’ best coffee machines feature over the last couple of days then you may be interested in this potential addition to the list.

British manufacturer Smarter has announced a new Wi-Fi Coffee Machine, which will cost £100 and be on show at CES 2015 next week.

CNET reports the smart brewing buddy arrives with a built-in grinder and has an accompanying iOS and Android app, allowing users to programme their brew from their smartphones.

For example, you can time a fresh pot to coincide with when you wake up, or you can even set an alarm to sound when your coffee is ready.

It’ll send you a push notification when it needs refilling with beans and water, while it’ll also greet you when you get home and ask whether you want a cuppa making.

That last part sounds eerily like the toaster from Red Dwarf, doesn’t it?

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The Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Machine comes from the makers of the iKettle, which promises users an extra five minutes in bed while it boils the kettle automatically for you at a time of your choosing.

The coffee machine will be on show at CES 2015 and will go on sale in March.