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Smappee aims to cut your energy bills

Sam Loveridge


Smappee Monitor

Smappee, a new smart home gadget has just launched in the UK and aims to save you money on your energy bills.

The system is an energy monitor to individually identify appliances in your house and see which ones are sapping the most energy.

Smappee combines a free app for smartphones and tablets and the in-home monitor to help watch all the energy consumption in your home.

Just install the monitor by clamping the sensor around your main power cable of your fuse box to enable Snappee to identify, monitor and provide you with detailed energy consumption information.

“The costs of energy waste is an unnecessary burden on British households. Our goal is to reduce power consumption in the UK by helping people to change habits, become more aware of their on-going energy use, and realise sustainable savings,” said Stegan Grosjean, the founder of Smappee. “Depending on a user’s consumption pattern, Smappee pays for itself in just over a year and realises cost savings of over £500 across five years. More importantly you’re helping to achieve a more sustainable world for everyone; lowering the burden on already strained power grids and on the environment.”

Via the app, Smappee provides interactive graphs to display your energy usage and the costs each day, month or year. Different appliances in your home are indentified automatically thanks to their unique “intereference pattern”.

If you’ve shelled out on solar panels, the Smappee app also shows you the contribution they are making to your electricity bill.

The Smappee Monitor costs £169 on its own, but you can also purchase additional Smappee Comfort Plugs.

These wireless adapters sit between your device’s plug and the power point to let you turn your devices off and on remotely. You’ll get one package in with the Smappee Monitor for free, but you’ll have to purchase any additional ones you require.

A pack of three costs £34.99 or you can get a 6-pack for £59.99.

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Smappee Kit

Prem Desai

July 12, 2014, 8:35 am

I'm sure this is a really cool product.

However, the founder, Stegan Grosjean, is making stupid and mis-leading comments:

"Smappee pays for itself in just over a year and realises cost savings of over £500 across five years"

First issue - the basic Smappee costs £169. You would need to be leaving on a shed load of things in your house to recover that sort of money. In fact, if you do save that much because you're leaving things on by accident, you don't deserve to live in a house - live in a tent or cave (without power).

Second issue - you won't save £500 over 5 years because the Smappee won't last that long and will need to be replaced well before then.

David Horn

July 13, 2014, 10:26 am

Very strange implementation. You need to run a cable from your consumer unit to the Smappee box, which also needs mains power. That rules out anyone with a meter cupboard outside, under the stairs, high up, low down, in an unused room, away from wall sockets, sealed... well, you name it.

On top of that, some houses don't have 100A breakers, they have fuses, and the only way to shut off the power is to pull the fuse, which is quite often covered with a tamperproof seal.


July 14, 2014, 9:41 am

Yep, one-time "sister site" of TR, bit-tech, (at least I think it was, can't find the article now!) did a "Vampire Power" test a while ago and worked out with real-world results that a plugged in charger would cost barely £15 per year...

Since then, chargers, TVs and "wall-warts" have become more efficient, thus potentially reducing this even further.


July 14, 2014, 1:04 pm

Exactly, so far less incentive to buy something like this. The ironic thing is, if you are concerned about how much power you are using it's unlikely you are leaving loads of items on needlessly around your house, meaning there's little point in getting one of these.
If you aren't concerned about it, you aren't going to buy on either.


July 15, 2014, 4:49 pm

I've had a number of home energy displays and have had a smart meter in from my utility for years with access to web portal, graphs etc etc. All made little to no impact on energy reduction. This Smappee device was the first thing I've had which helped me reduce my home energy consumption. Main difference from what I've had in the past is that this thing tells me what is using the energy, when and how much (in Watts and £s). Very quickly I achieved a significant reduction, and I thought I had the house pretty well locked down. The challenge now is to maintain it and fight against the other blighters in the house trashing my wonderful 'green' achievements. Oh... and regards installation: installed in a minute, just clamped the sensor around the cable going into my fuse box - simples. I love it!


September 19, 2014, 6:55 pm

you can put on the main mains cable going into the fusebox

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