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Skype Crashes Again - Problem Identified

David Gilbert


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While the rest of the world thought Microsoft paid a little over the tops for Skype last month, even the Redmond company itself may be having a few worries following a second crash in as many weeks.

The latest crash occurred less than two weeks after a crash on 26 May which caused problems for users around the world. The latest crash happened around noon UK time with Skype taking to Twitter to try and reassure customers: “A small number of you may have problems signing in to Skype. We’re investigating the cause, and hope to have more details to share soon.” And indeed the company did have more to share. Updating its website a couple of hours later, it said the issue had been identified as a “configuration problem” and was working on a solution. Skype said users would not need to manually sign back in as it should reconnect automatically. Twitter Skype

A second update by Peter Parkes said that Skype was seeing an improvement in the service and again apologised for the problems. Responses from Skype users on Twitter indicate that the problem is far from limited to a small number of users. With 660 million registered users, even a small percentage of these suffering problems will mean a lot of people will be affected. While this is a configuration problem, the previous crash happened when a software update for the Skype desktop software crashed repeatedly, cutting off users worldwide. While the problem is obviously not the result of Microsoft purchasing the micro-blogging site, it will reflect badly on Microsoft and people will further scrutinise the decision to pay so much for Skype.

We’ll keep you updated when or if the problem is solved and let us know if you’ve been affected by the crash.

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