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Skype For iPad Launched - And Removed Immediately [Update]

David Gilbert


Skype for iPad

“Now you see it, now you don’t.” That’s what happened to the Skype for iPad app last night when it made a very brief appearance in the App Store.

Skype made the tablet-specific app available on the App Store last night before pulling it almost immediately. However that didn’t stop many people downloading the app and posting pictures of themselves using it as well as official promo pictures (see below) on the web.

While Skype has been available on the iPad via the iPhone app since launch, that app doesn’t take full advantage of the increased real estate the 9.7in screen offers. The new app allows users to chat and make a video call simultaneously while pop-up windows offer contact information. Like the iPhone app, the iPad version lets users use other apps while staying on a call.

Skype for iPad

The reason why Skype pulled the app, despite it being approved by Apple, is unclear. One reason could be that Skype spotted a bug in the code and wanted to fix it before going public. Another possibility is that the appearance in the app store was simply a mistake and that Skype is planning a bigger launch for the near future.

Whatever the reason, from the images of Skype for iPad, we hope that the full release won’t be too far away.

Update: Skype has now announced the availability of the iPad app on its {linkout:http://blogs.skype.com/en/2011/08/skype_now_optimized_for_ipad.html and included a video (below) showing just how it works. So all you iPad owners out there can now take full advantage of the big iPad screen.

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