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Skype Coming To Windows Phone “Soon”

David Gilbert


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It was just over six months ago that video calling on Skype arrived on Android handsets. That was a month or so after the purchase of the company by Microsoft for $5 billion was announced and the logical result of this purchase may be coming sooner than first thought.

The fact that Skype video-calling on Windows Phone 7 handsets would become a reality is a no-brainer but when that would happen has been a matter of much speculation. Windows Phone boss Joe Belfiore previously said that the app would come to WP7 by the end of 2011, but with that date come and gone, another Microsoft employee has now said the launch will happen soon.

In an interview at CES last week, vice-president of the Skype division at Microsoft, Rick Osterloh, said Skype was “working on a Windows Phone product that will be coming out soon."

Osterloh also said that a key focus for the Skype team was to convert people from using the free services, such as video-calling and instant messaging, to using the premium paid-for services – such as group calling at work.

During the Microsoft keynote at CES this year, it was announced that Skype had passed 200 million users who were using Skype for 300 billion minutes over the past year, carrying a quarter of the world’s international long distance minutes.

With Mobile World Congress looming in around six weeks time in Barcelona, it is a possibility that we will be seeing the WP7 version of Skype unveiled there but it may not become mainstream until the Apollo update to WP7 which is due in the middle of 2012.


January 16, 2012, 9:28 pm

Pity there are so few other apps available! Had my Omnia 7 for a year and a bit but going to have to give it up for Android or Iphone. Before anyone says there aer x 00000 apps for WP7 what about missing these which are the things I might actually use!:

sky sports
tesco clubcard
freeagent central
any other browser!

In fact anything where somebody develops some software and then develops an app - seems to be first iphone, then android and not WP7.

I cant see WP7 being anything but a niche player if a fan like me (works great for exchange and hotmail, office docs etc) cant live with one! I have never bought an apple product but might be forced to go iphone 5 as they have cleverly sewed up the app market!

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