Sky Soundbox: All you need to know about Sky’s first speaker

Sky has launched its own all-in-one sound system in a bid to boost your home TV viewing experience.

Today, Sky announced the Sky Soundbox, a single compact speaker unit that promises “powerful and immersive sound” that puts you at the heart of the action. The speaker is compatible with Sky Q, Sky+ and standalone TVs, but the real advantage comes when pairing with the former.

If you set the Sky Soundbox up to work with Sky Q, you can enjoy Sky Q Sound. This means you get access to exclusive sound modes designed by Devialet, which automatically refine the audio for a range of Sky’s entertainment and sports. With each mode, the audio settings on the Sky Soundbox will be adjusted for the best possible audio quality.

Speaking about the launch of Sky Soundbox, Sky UK CEO Stephen van Rooyen said: “Sound is a vital part of visual storytelling – whether you’re watching the season finale of your favourite drama, or an epic Premier League clash.”

Rooyen continued: “That’s why we’ve partnered with audio industry leaders Devialet to launch Sky Soundbox and take the TV experience to the next level for our customers. Great TV deserves great audio – we believe Sky Soundbox is the Ultra HD of home audio.”

sky soundbox

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The Sky Soundbox, the product of Devialet’s first ever partnership with another brand, features six woofers and three full-range speakers, all within a single compact device. The Soundbox also uses the walls in your home to reflect ambient sound around the room, and promises to bring “spatial surround sound” that gives you a 360-degree experience similar to a surround system – although we’ll need to review it to see whether this actuall holds up.

It’s also capable of dynamically managing volume; the Soundbox analyses incoming audio in real-time, and adjusts volume levels to ensure clarity. You’ll also be able to select a number of manual modes, including:

  • Dialogue Enhance mode: Ensuring speech is clear and defined
  • Late Night mode: Decreasing bass and further enhancing quiet whispers
  • Kids mode: Giving parents control over the maximum volume levels to protect vulnerable ears

“Sound is the future of television,” said Quentin Sannié, CEO of Devialet. “We are very proud to be partnering with Sky, to help them to unleash the full emotional impact of their content, through powerful, immersive, fully integrated sound.”

He went on: “This first partnership illustrates our ability to pursue Devialet’s vision to enable revolutionary experiences through audio, and bring them to the widest number of people through partnerships with like-minded companies who are looking to challenge the status quo.”

The Sky Soundbox will go on sale at an unspecified date in autumn 2017, and will cost £799. However, current and new Sky customers will be able to bag one for a bargain price of just £299, while new and existing Sky Q Multiscreen customers can get it for an even thriftier £249. You can pre-register your interest here.

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