Sky Q to get Dolby Atmos support later this year

Sky’s only just announced it will be going dish-free as of 2018, and now it looks like there’s even more innovation plans in the works.

According to an infographic included in a presentation to investors and spotted by WhatHiFi, the company will add support for Dolby Atmos to its Sky Q service this year.

The object-based surround sound format uses numerous speakers placed around a room to create an all-enveloping, “3D” sound experience where specific sounds, or audio ‘objects’ can be moved around the room separate from the rest of the audio.

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Sky Q infographic

It’s something BT has already confirmed will arrive for its TV service in the form of 4K Premier League broadcatss with Atmos sound.

Sky supports an increasing amount of 4K content on its Sky Q service already, so Atmos makes a lot of sense, even if there is no mention of adding support for the other big TV technology in 2017: HDR.

The Sky Q box doesn’t seem to be able to support HDR, whereas Virgin’s upcoming V6 Box does come with HDR capabilities.


But Atmos will become increasingly popular this year, as more and more films are starting to make use of the audio technology, including last year’s Doctor Strange, and upcoming titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Alongside Atmos support, the infographic reveals we’ll soon be seeing voice control and voice search on Sky Q, with the latter set to arrive very soon if the infographic’s layout represents an accurate timeline.

The Sky Q touchpad remote comes complete with a mic, so it looks like the company is finally ready to utilise that feature this year.

There’s no word on precisely when these new features will arrive, though the graphic suggests Atmos and voice control will launch later this year. Stay tuned for more.

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