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Sky Q is finally available to buy, but what is it?


Sky Q

We’ve been waiting for Sky’s new TV service for months, but no more!

Sky Q is officially available to buy in the UK, marking the advent of the company’s next-generation TV service.

Retail of the Sky Q began at 9am today – February 9 – and is up for grabs online or over the phone.

Sky Q doesn’t replace the existing Sky+ HD service; instead, it sits above it with a £44 per month base price.

Buy or upgrade now at Sky.com

Sky Q

There’s also a £99 setup fee, but you only have to pay that once.

It’s worth noting that those prices only apply if you’ve already got a Sky Broadband, Sports, or Movies package. Otherwise, the upfront cost quickly climbs.

For more information on charges, check out our Sky Q price guide.

Sky Q

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So what’s new about Sky Q? It’s got a few new features, but the main ones are:

  • The ability to record four programmes simultaneously while also watching a fifth
  • A new remote control (with a touchpad)
  • Add-on Sky Q Mini boxes for wireless TV streaming, for a fee
  • Support for 4K/UHD content (not available at launch)

A note on that last bit: if you want to play 4K, you’ll actually need to invest in the pricier Sky Q Silver box, which costs £56 every month.

Check out our Sky Q hands-on video below:

Will you buy Sky Q? Let us know in the comments.

Peter Lunn

February 9, 2016, 1:26 pm

Only available to Sky Broadband customers, just tried to upgrade and have to wait as I'm on 152mb Virgin - Dam - got the unlock code from the wife too :). No way I'm moving to slower broadband with our household usage, come on SKY if you can't offer the service don't penalize those that go elsewhere


February 12, 2016, 2:45 pm

I'm really not getting how what you get even comes close to justifying the additional cost.

Also if you want 4K you're probably already paying for Netflix and Amazon Prime, and there's a limit to how much most consumers are prepared to pay per month for their entertainment.

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