Big Sky Broadband price cut also nabs you a free Samsung tablet

Sky has announced it is cutting the price of several broadband packages for a limited time, while also dangling the carrot of a free Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Between now and February 8 you’ll be able to grab one of three popular packages at a discounted rate for 12 or 18 months.

The best deal appears to be for those without the need for high-end speeds.

The basic Sky Unlimited ADSL2+ package, which promises top speeds of 17Mbps, can be nabbed for £18 a month for a year, plus a one-off set-up fee of £9.95.

Once the promotional term has ended, the price jumps to £28.99 (which is when you call Sky and tell them you’ll only pay your current rate or you’re cancelling, of course.)

If you want fibre broadband, the savings are less significant. For the 38Mbps package (which averages about 34Mbps) you’ll pay £32 a month, plus a set-up fee of £59.95. After 18 months the price jumps to £38.99.

For Sky’s top speeds of 76Mbps, you’ll need Sky Fibre Max. That’s on offer for £37 for 18 months and £43.99 thereafter. It is also subject to the £59.95 set-up fee.

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All three of the packages include unlimited downloads.

If you’re looking for a TV + Broadband deal, the company will hook you up with a 1TB Sky Q box and access to the new Sky Entertainment package for an additional £20 a month, making the bundle £38 in total.

New subscribers can choose between a £50 pre-paid Mastercard or a free Samsung Galaxy E model. Sky is yet to confirm exactly which version of the tablet customers will receive.

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With all three Sky Broadband subscriptions you’ll get a Sky Talk landline service, unlimited use of The Cloud’s Wi-FI hotspots as well as anti-malware protection and nuisance call blocking.

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