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Should you buy the iPhone 7 or wait for the iPhone 8?


The iPhone 7 is here, but should you buy one? Head-to-Head makes an overdue return.

Evan (@EvanKypreos) and Andy (@AndyVan) go head-to-head over whether it’s worth buying the iPhone 7 now or if you should wait for next iPhone 8.


There’s a lot to like about the iPhone 7, but it's not a must-have upgrade.

For the third year running, Apple has stuck with the same design introduced on the iPhone 6. It still looks and feels great, but there’s nothing to get excited about and the big bezels means it’s still much larger than it needs to be.

Elsewhere, there’s a slightly faster processor, better camera, new home button and water resistance. All good features but nothing revolutionary. The new iPhone is definitely more sequel to the 6s than a 7.

It’s also £60 more expensive than the iPhone 6S was at launch, with the cheapest model of the iPhone 7 costing a whopping £599!


The iPhone 7 is the best iPhone, so if you like the reliability and speed of iOS and you want the best, there’s no other choice.

Anyone who owns an iPhone 6 or earlier should get one. Yes, it looks similar, but the new camera with its wider F1.8 aperture, better battery life, IP67 water resistance and the new A10 Fusion chip mean it's significantly better in every other way.

Evan thinks you should wait for the iPhone 8, but as everyone knows in the tech industry there’s always something better just around the corner.

The good thing is iPhones keep their value much better than Android phones, so you can always sell the iPhone 7 and upgrade to the 8 next year anyway.

Oh, and it may be £60 more expensive, but you are getting more storage as the new entry-level model comes with 32GB, and you can't blame Brexit on Apple.

What do you think?

Have Evan and Andy got it all wrong? Would you buy the iPhone 7 now, wait for the 8 or ignore them both and buy an Android phone?

Have your say in the debate and let us know which you think is the best iPhone in the comments below or tweet us @trustedreviews.

Itsy Bitsy

October 3, 2016, 7:42 am

I have the iPhone 5s & was planning to upgrade to the 6s when prices lowered after the iPhone 7 launched. BUT when I found out the 7 plus had two cameras AND water resistance, I decided it's worth getting the 7 now.

Yes, there will always be better tech the following year, but I may not have the finances to buy the new iPhone by fall next year. Or I might not even be alive next year! That seems harsh, but we never know! 😋 I'm also a photographer, & am very excited about the better cameras in the 7 plus to take raw photos with! 😊

Ultimately, it depends on how important the rumored features are & how much the individual cares of an updated look or not. Also what condition their current phone is in or whether or not their current phone meets their needs at the moment to wait another year for an upgrade =)

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