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Sharp's New Aquos Quattron Is 70in Monster

David Gilbert


Sharp's New Aquos Quattron Is 70in Monster

Sharp decided to call the press conference announcing its new TV ‘Spectacularge’ - because “big is too small a word for it” – and that pretty much sums up the main selling point of its new HDTV.

Sharp today announced it is shipping its 70in Aquos Quattron LED LCD TV, model LC-70LE732U, which is the largest LCD TV on the market at the moment. It is somewhat of a throw back to five years ago when TVs of this size were par for the course. Sharp claim that 55in is currently the best-selling 50in size at the moment and boasts that the LC-70LE731U will give you 62 percent more real estate compared to that size model. The TV is a Full HD 1080p model with full array LED backlighting and Quattron Quad Pixel Technology, which add the colour yellow (Y) to the traditional red, blue, green (RGB) colours. It enables the reproduction of colours that have been "impossible to portray using conventional LCD displays, such as the brass color of musical instruments" – so a copy of Brassed Off should be the first thing you watch on this new TV.

The large set has inbuilt Wi-Fi and in the States will ship with apps including NetFlix, Vudu, CinemaNow, Facebook, Pandora, Twitter and Flickr – continuing the connected TV trend we saw flourishing at CES earlier this year. Of course apps such as NetFlix and Vudu won’t be available on this side of the Atlantic but we’d hope to see services such as LoveFilm shipping with this 70in panel when it comes to the UK. However, one thing the LC-70LE731U model lacks of course is 3D, which for some will be an advantage but for those looking for the third dimension, Sharp also announced three other 70in models which will be shipping this summer and will include 3D.

Fancy one of these 70in monsters? Well, currently Sharp is only shipping the sets in the States with a MRSP of $3,799.99 but we hope to see the sets heading to this part of the world sooner rather than later so you can definitively say that you have a bigger screen than you next door neighbour.

Source: Sharp

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