Shadows Die Twice release date, trailers, gameplay info and all the latest news

It’s not Bloodborne 2 or Dark Souls 4, but From Software has revealed its next title in the form of a brand-new IP: Shadows Die Twice.

Little is known about the game at present, but we’ve rounded up all the latest information and will update this page as more news creeps out.

What is Shadows Die Twice?

Shadows Die Twice is the new game from the developers behind the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, From Software.

Very little is known about the game at present, and we won’t know much more about the game until several months from now. From Software has teased that we’ll find out more about the game within the next 12 months, so you’ll just have to sit tight for a while longer.

Shadows Die Twice release date – When’s it out?

Again, with so little known about the game itself, it’s unsurprising there’s no release date yet. No further information will come about the game until the end of 2018, so don’t expect the game to launch until mid-2019 at the earliest.

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We still don’t even know which platforms it’s launching on. Could this be because the PS5 will have arrived by the time the game launches?

Shadows Die Twice trailers

We only have the debut teaser trailer for Shadows Die Twice thus far, which appeared during last year’s The Game Awards. It’s very brief and unveils very little. Take a look for yourself:

The teaser, while very short, still sports a very Dark Souls/Bloodborne vibe, so hopefully it plays to From Software’s strengths and offers the same level of incredibly brutal but rewarding gameplay.

What do you hope to see from From Software’s new game? Do you want them to stick with the Souls-like genre, or deliver something entirely new? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook @TrustedReviews