Shadow of the Colossus Remake – All the latest news

Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus is an undeniable masterpiece, accomplishing visuals and gameplay nobody thought possible on PS2. It’s Colossi remain some of gaming’s most extravagant bosses, and now they’re coming to PS4 in a complete remake of the original experience.

TrustedReviews has compiled everything you need about Shadow of the Colossus Remake alongside all the latest news, gameplay, trailers and more.

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What is Shadow of the Colossus Remake?

Developed by Bluepoint Games, this is a direct remake of the original PS2 experience featuring all the locations and monsters you remember from way back in 2005. Having been remastered already on PS3, this will be far more than simply a vanilla release with a bit of visual polish.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake release date

During its E3 2017 press briefing, Sony announced that Shadow of the Colossus Remake will be coming exclusively to PS4 in early 2018.

Considering it’s a PS4 exclusive, we can also expect PS4 Pro support.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake story – What’s it about?

You play as Wander, a young man who takes the body of a Maiden named Mono to an ancient shrine. Unbeknownst to the player, you’ve stolen an ancient sword and currently trespass on forbidden land.

Soon after arriving, an ominous spirit begins communicating with the player, urging them to seek out mysterious creatures known as Colossi, which are said to harbour a legendary power.

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Shadow of the Colossus gameplay – How does it play?

As detailed above, the majority of your time will be spent exploring, finding and taking down an assortment of giant beasts. Every single creature requires a specific strategy to defeat it, coupled with a sense of unrivalled spectacle.

Certain Colossi are massive levels in themselves, as you’re able to climb upon them; some are populated with platforms and fur requiring a keen grip to traverse. With 16 enemies in total, Wander certainly has his hands full.

Living in all manner of locales, you’ll have to explore the world and solve many environmental puzzles and platforming challenges to reach certain stages. It’s a joy to play, and hopefully the PS4 remake remains faithful to the original while also modernising its control scheme.

Upgrades to your health and arsenal of weapons are gained after each successful victory, as you move closer to the mysterious narrative conclusion. It’s an eerie, beautiful adventure we’re eager to revisit.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake trailers – How does it look?

First revealed at E3 2017, you can find the debut trailer below:

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Sony revealed another trailer during its Tokyo Games Show Press conference, and it continues to look fantastic:

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