Second-gen Snap Spectacles might bring AR to Snapchat

Snap is working on a second-gen version of its Spectacles that could add an augmented reality twist to the photos and videos users send on Snapchat, according to a report by TechCrunch.
Snap’s original £130 Spectacles, which launched in the US last year before finally hitting the UK last week, come with an embedded video camera in one temple that allows the wearer capture short snaps of what they’re seeing to share on Snapchat. They’re available in three jazzy colours, and charge in their matching colour case.
Sources close to TechCrunch have now divulged information about a second pair of Spectacles in the works, but this pair will apparently be “quite different” to the first. TechCrunch points towards a recent Snap patent uncovered by Mashable last month, detailing an application for AR glasses. Coincidence? We think not.
It seems a natural step forward that the next Spectacles will carry AR chops, especially since Snap is already rigging up Snapchat for an AR future; its new feature World Lenses, which launched in April, allows Snapchatters to position 3D digital objects around them, then walk around them for a short time before they disappear.
Still, it could be a while before we hear more. TechCrunch’s sources say the second-gen Spectacles project is closely guarded within the company, and only a small number of Snap’s 1800 staff members are aware of the details and launch date. We’ll be keeping an ear to the ground and will update you as soon as we know more.

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