Second-gen AirPods case could be used to charge your Apple Watch

It’s been four months since the Apple AirPods belatedly made their way to retailers’ shelves, and yet the wireless headphones are still facing shipping delays.

While the innovative in-ear headphones have been in short supply, for those able to get their hands on a pair, they’ve been impressing.

Completely cutting all chords, the AirPods play host to inbuilt sensors that automatically pause your music if one is removed from your ear, playing again as soon it is returned to its audio-providing home.

According to newly leaked patents, however, the second-generation AirPods could be a whole lot more impressive than the originals.

Much of the mooted updates have nothing to do with the AirPods themselves, however, rather their battery-hosting charging case, the small plastic pod that lets you store and recharge the headphones when not in use.

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AirPods Apple Watch charging patent

The patent, released by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), shows a new AirPods case capable of not just giving a power-based lifeline to the headphones, but users’ iPhones and your Apple Watch too.

One of the patent accompanying images shows a case with a built in Apple Watch charger, allowing for the wearable’s wireless charging abilities to come into use when placed on the case.

Beyond acting as a multipurpose battery booster, the patent has suggested that the new case could also be waterproof.

It states that the accessory will be “resistant or impervious to liquid penetration”, perfect from those prone to splash-based accidents and watery mishaps.

Now, this being a patent, there’s no guarantee that the technology will ever come to fruition or, if it does, when we will see the revamped model. It’s positive to know that Apple is actively looking at ways to actively improve its wireless headphones though.

Although the Cupertino company has yet to comment on the claims, past reports have suggested the Apple Watch maker could fit its second-generation AirPods with inbuilt activity sensors for integrated fitness tracking.

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