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Seagate Announces 1TB Platter HD Technology

David Gilbert


Seagate Announces 1TB Platter HD Technology

Seagate is already taking advantage of its purchase of Samsung's HDD division last month by releasing to market a prototype technology Samsung had been working on.

Seagate, second only to Western Digital in HDD market share, today unveiled the world’s first 3.5in hard drive featuring 1TB of storage capacity per disk platter, breaking the 1TB areal density barrier. Samsung had previously announced a prototype 1TB disk platter but had never released it to market but Seagate wasted no time in using its newly-acquired technology. While Samsung promised four of these high-density disks (625Gb per square inch) in one hard drive, for the moment Seagate is planning on releasing a 3TB HDD with it’s GoFlex Desk products the first to feature the new hard drive. Seagate says it is on track to ship its flagship 3.5in Barracuda desktop hard drive with 3TBs of storage on three disk platters – enough capacity to store up to 120 HD movies, 1,500 video games, thousands of photos or virtually countless hours of digital music – in mid-2011. The drive will also be available in capacities of 2TB, 1.5TB and 1TB.

“Organizations of all sizes and consumers worldwide are amassing digital content at light speed, generating immense demand for storage of digital content of every imaginable kind,” said Rocky Pimentel, Seagate Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “We remain keenly focused on delivering the storage capacity, speed and manageability our customers need to thrive in an increasingly digital world.”

With the need for storage growing exponentially and the cost of SSDs still too high and cloud storage seen as lacking security, these new high-density desktop HDDs will certainly find a market among gamers, film buffs and enterprise customers.

Source: Seagate

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