Save £180 on LG SH6 Sound Bar at Amazon – now just £209

Whether you’ve picked up a brand new TV for Christmas, or you’re happy with your existing set, buying a new sound bar is an easy upgrade for any viewer to make.

As part of the Amazon Black Friday deals extravaganza, Amazon UK has discounted the LG SH6 Sound Bar from its R.R.P of £399.99 to just £209.99, saving you a hefty £180 – that’s a 48% price reduction.

The LG SH6 is an all-in-one sound bar system, with an integrated subwoofer that removes the need to buy a separate bass unit. The sound bar supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, has a total power output of 150W, and works across four audio channels. The SH6 is compatible with Dolby DTS, Dolby Digital, and DTS Digital Surround audio processing, and is also compatible with LG Music Flow systems.

Buy Now: LG SH6 Sound Bar at Amazon UK for £209.99

What we said

We haven’t reviewed this particular model, but we reviewed the slightly less expensive LG SH7 Sound Bar, which we gave a 3.5/5 score. We praised the SH7 for its slim, discreet design, its exciting, powerful sound with rich bass, and its good range of features and streaming services.

What owners say

On Amazon, the LG SH6 Sound Bar has a 4/5 score based on one user review. The user wrote:

“I bought this because I didn’t want to have a separate sub-woofer taking up room next to the TV stand. Given that the sub-woofers are built in, I am impressed with the volume and breadth of the sound output. Personally, I like the industrial design, and it integrates well with the LG Music Flow system that we have installed throughout the house.”

On Currys, the LG SH6 Sound Bar has a 10/10 score based on one user review. The user wrote:

“Fills the room with sound, and a good bass too. Only use it for the TV and never get anywhere near half power.”

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How good a deal is this?

This is a great deal if you’re looking for a high-quality sound bar from a reputable manufacturer. The best prices we could find outside of Amazon were around the £299 mark, so we’re not entirely convinced by Amazon’s £399 claimed pricing. But in any case, you’re still saving a hefty amount of dosh, and you should definitely consider this deal if you’re keen to pick up a decent sound bar without breaking the bank.

Buy Now: LG SH6 Sound Bar at Amazon UK for £209.99

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