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Samsung Unveils Ultraportable Series 5 Laptops

David Gilbert


Samsung Unveils Ultraportable Series 5 Laptops

Everyone is jumping on the Ultrabook bandwagon these days despite reports suggesting that sales are not all that Intel and the manufacturers would have hoped for – and Samsung is no different.

However, while Samsung’s two Series 5 laptops may be masquerading as Ultrabooks, we’re not too sure that Intel will be willing to let them join the party with its new 13in and 14in laptops.

The problem is that the new Samsung Series 5 laptops are just a little too heavy to meet Intel’s strict criteria for Ultrabooks, and the 14in laptop is also too thick, though we’re talking fractions of a millimetre here.

Samsung Series 5 Laptop

The Samsung Series 5 13in laptop will be only 14.9mm and will come with a 500GB HDD combined with a 16GB SSD, Intel integrated graphics but will weigh in at 1.4kg, which is a little too weighty for Intel’s liking.

The 14in laptop will be thicker at 20.9mm (just over the 20mm limit) and will weigh 1.8kg. It will feature an anti-reflective 1366x768 display, a 1TB HDD combined with a 16GB SSD, an optical drive and AMD graphics.

Both laptops will use ExpressCache to let them boot from hibernation in just seven seconds while Fast Smart allows the laptops to go from sleep to the main screen in just two seconds.

Samsung Series 5 Laptop

Previously Samsung’s Series 5 laptop has been the home of the company’s Chromebook offering, but while that platform has failed to grab the public’s imagination, it will be hoping these ultraportables will be a more attractive proposition.

The laptops will be available in Korea by the end of this month costing from 1,290,000 won (£725) for the 13in model and from 1,340,000 (£750) for the 14in model. Samsung has not announced any other availability so far, but once it does, you’ll be the first to know.

Source: SammyHub


December 12, 2011, 6:58 pm

I can't decide whether computer manufacturers are being cynical (of course we know they are), or missing a trick here. If you want a light, slim 13 inch laptop (by necessity without a dvd drive) you either do without or are forced to consider spending a fortune on one of these metal-bodied beauty queens. Surely there is a market for something like HP's DM1 or Lenovo's S205, but with a 13 inch screen, running AMD E-450 or Intel Core i3 or i5 processors?

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