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Samsung to use LG batteries in the Galaxy S8?


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Samsung is reportedly in talks with LG to use its batteries in the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, after halting production of its Note 7 handsets due to faulty batteries.

As the Korea Herald reports, the South Korean firm is "considering" using LG batteries in its next flagship handset, in "a move to diversify its battery suppliers".

The company's current battery suppliers are sister company Samsung SDI, and Chinese battery manufacturer ATL.

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A Samsung executive told South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper: "We are looking at diverse suppliers, including LG Chem.”

It follows the disastrous Note 7 launch, which was plagued by reports of handsets overheating, and in some cases exploding, forcing Samsung to recall the devices.

Note 7The Note 7

The problem was put down to a battery issue, with Samsung conducting an investigation before concluding that Samsung SDI, which made 65 percent of the batteries used in the Note 7, was at fault.

The SDI-made batteries powered all Note 7 phones sold outside China, but the affiliate has strongly denied it is to blame for the overheating issues.

Note 7 devices in China used the ATL batteries, which Samsung said were safe. But after using ATL-manufactured cells in replacement Note 7 phones, further reports of overheating began to emerge.

It was following this second round of reports that the company was forced to halt production of the Note 7.

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Note 7 charred

A recent Wall Street Journal report stated that Samsung self-tested its batteries, rather than following industry practice and having them tested at one of 28 labs certified by the wireless industry trade group CTIA.

Samsung has been using its own labs to test batteries since 2009, and a company spokesman said that the Note 7 tests revealed no issues with the batteries at the time.

Whatever the cause of the recent overheating issues are then, Samsung will likely be looking to diversify its battery suppliers if only to re-establish consumer trust.

Sources told the Korean Herald that Samsung and LG are yet to finalise a deal, so it's not a sure thing yet. But if the deal doesn't go through, we wouldn't be surprised to see Sammy looking for other battery suppliers in the near future.

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