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Samsung to launch Oculus-style VR headset?


Samsung VR headset

Designed to work with its phones and tablets, Samsung is reported to be working on an Oculus Rift-style VR headset.

According to Engadget, Samsung wants to beat both Sony and Oculus VR to the market and have a device on sale before either of those companies can launch theirs. This shouldn't be much of a problem, as Sony isn't rushing Morpheus to market and a retail version of Oculus hasn't yet emerged either.

The source quoted by Engadget told them that the screen will be an OLED model that's at least as good as the one coming to Oculus Rift 2. That's not much of a surprise, given Samsung's expertise in the OLED field.

While the most obvious application for this will be gaming, we can also see that there will be some great advantages to watching video on a VR headset. Plus, any applications like Drone flying would automatically be usable in first-person mode, which would be pretty amazing although have the potential to make you quite motion sick.

Given that this whole thing is an untried market, even for PC and console gaming, it's fairly brave of Samsung to pitch a device that's designed only to work with mobile phones and tablets. Only time will tell.

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Via: Engadget


May 23, 2014, 9:27 am

Samsung have previous experience of announcing that they are going into a market late, then beating others to the sales counter, but it tends to be for the sake of publicity and at the expense of developing a decent product. I'm thinking specifically about their smart watches, which were universally greeted with "average at best".

If I were Sony or Facebook/Oculus, I wouldn't be worried.

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