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Samsung to join USB-C revolution with Galaxy Note 6 – report


Galaxy Note 5

Mobile technology is quickly succumbing to the USB-C revolution, and Samsung could be next in line to adopt the new standard.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will feature a USB Type-C connection, at least according to Sammobile.

The Samsung-focused publication claims to have “exclusive” knowledge of the impending feature, although details are light.

We can now exclusively confirm that the Galaxy Note 6 will feature a USB Type-C port, reversible connector and all,” reads the report.

However, Sammobile admits: “We don’t know whether it will be USB 3.1 or an older standard.”

It’s widely expected that many smartphones launching within the next 12 months will be shifted to the USB-C standard. However, making the switch could prove slightly more difficult for Samsung.

That’s because if Samsung does move to USB-C with the Galaxy Note 6, it means the handset will not be compatible with existing Samsung Gear VR headsets, all of which currently utilize Micro USB connections.

It’s likely that when Samsung adopts USB-C, it will also be forced to roll out a new generation of Gear VR headsets with USB-C support.

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Samsung hasn’t made any official announcements regarding a Galaxy Note 6 launch, but it’s expected that the handset will arrive at some point between July and September.

Do you own a device that supports USB-C connections yet? Let us know in the comments.

Dead Words

May 2, 2016, 2:23 pm

Either Samsung should've moved to USB TYPE-C with the S7 or they should wait until next year instead of switching standards mid-generation. Well it would be nice on the Note 6... But still.

Troy Dyall

May 2, 2016, 7:11 pm

Probably didnt go with usb c yet as they still had loads of VR units left over with normal usb to get rid of

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