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Samsung tablet sales top 40 million units in 2013

Luke Johnson


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung tablet sales for 2013 topped the 40 million unit milestone, sources from the company’s native Korea have suggested.

With 2013 swiftly coming to a close annual company performances are being analysed, with claimed insider sources reporting to Korean news outlets that, in a year of dramatic growth for the company, Samsung has shifted more than 40 million of its Galaxy-branded slates.

Although no detailed breakdown has been given on how these sales have been spread across the company’s broad array of tablet sizes, it has been suggested that during the final three months of the current year, the Apple and Sony rival has shifted a considerable 12 million tablets.

If accurate, this figure would mark a near doubling of the 7.9 million confirmed Q4 Samsung tablet sales in 2012.

It has been suggested that a number of severe price cuts and heavily bolstered package deals have helped Samsung increase its festive tablet sales during the past three months.

Despite a significant rise in tablet sales throughout 2013, Samsung does not appearing to be resting on its laurels, the manufacturer recently stated that it was targeting more than 100 million tablet sales during 2014.

Expected to kick things off in an aggressive fashion, Samsung is believed to be planning a number of high-profile tablet launches during CES 2014, the Las Vegas-based convention held during the opening week of the year.

As well as introducing ‘Lite’ versions of the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Galaxy Tab 3 8.4 and Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, Samsung will also reportedly launch ‘Pro’ models of both 8.4-inch and 12.2-inch Note-branded tablets in January.

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David Preston

December 29, 2013, 8:06 pm

No they didn't 30-40% were given away. Everything u buy Samsung they give you a Tab, Buy a Tab they give u a second free. Tabs are being miss sold as Computer replacements, and people that review them lie and agree with it. Tabs are a fad and will die out soon because people are starting ti find they very controlling and limited.

albert goldberg

December 30, 2013, 1:05 pm

no no no, according to trusted reviews, an ipad is a desk top replacement. this is why they keep comparing the surface 2 (great device) to an ipad! by the way i have a surface 2 and an ipad and fully acknowledge the weaknesses of an ipad. shame TR doesnt!


December 31, 2013, 9:22 am

An iPad and a Surface 2 is a totally valid comparison They're both, you know, tablets... and the Surface 2 isn't a desktop replacement by any stretch, in fact no tablet is so I don't understand your point at all. A laptop replacement, maybe, especially the Surface Pro 2, but a desktop no.


June 9, 2016, 7:11 am

Nice article

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