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Samsung Smart TVs could soon control your home

Luke Johnson



A Samsung Smart TV platform update has been announced, highlighting how the company’s TVs could soon offer control for the rest of your home.

As the Internet of Everything trend becomes a reality, the new Samsung Smart TV Software Development Kit 5.0 has been confirmed, bringing with it a new collection of devices and platforms compatible with the system.

Meaning that your Samsung TV will soon be able to communicate to a wider array of devices, the update will see home appliance items such as your connected fridge, air conditioning unit or even your lighting able to be controlled via TV apps.

A large scale update which will bring Samsung’s Smart TV platform to the cutting edge of the industry, on top of support for added devices, the patch will introduce a new Web UI framework, allowing developers to use HTML 5 standard to create more engaging apps, similar to those on smartphones and tablets.

On top of this, the Samsung Smart TV Software Development Kit 5.0 will bring multi-screen support to the TV service. The will allow developed apps to work seamlessly across TV and smartphone platforms to create a more familiar and user-friendly experience.

An area that looks set to be a major talking point for the company at CES 2014 next month, the new Smart TV SDK will be available for developers to download from January 6, the date of the Korean manufacturer’s eagerly awaited press conference at the global tech show.

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Prem Desai

December 28, 2013, 9:33 am

Oh God !! Please !!! No !!!

Not another fragmented home automation standard ??!!!!

Also. knowing Samsung, it'll only work with 1 model of fridge and only with certain firmware versions.

Why on earth does someone not release an automation standard that is open, cheap and readily available? That means that every manufacturer (of anything) can have this layer into some of their models and the consumer would have a wide choice of models and budgets.

The technology to do this already exists.


December 29, 2013, 9:47 am

I'm not sure i've ever controlled a fridge, apart from the initial setup. Are we going to have to turn on the TV to get to the milk or something? Maybe you could you use the app to get the fridge to motor over to you with a cold beer.


December 29, 2013, 11:38 am

This is just the first step. The point is to have more useful applications developed. Monitoring food reserves and issuing a reminder to buy milk or eggs would be good. A warning that something in the fridge has gone out-of-date would be very useful in my house, as we do not really pay attention to this, and nobody wants to find out the milk is off by drinking some of it.

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