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Samsung Shows Off faster CPU, GPU and Memory for Mobiles

Ardjuna Seghers


Exynos 4212

Samsung is one of the top mobile phone players. Not only does it have one of the best-selling Android phones on the market, the Galaxy S II, the company even makes the processor inside arch-rival Apple iPhone 4.

So it’s actually pretty exciting news that the Korean giant has unveiled a faster, better SoC (system on a chip) combining a processor and graphics in the form of the Exynos 4212 - as well as faster, more power-frugal memory - for mobile phones and other portable devices.

First the CPU part. This Exynos dual-core ARM CortexA9 processor may ‘only’ increase performance by up to 25 per cent, over what was already a very fast chip (the Exynos 2410), but it does so while consuming up to 30 per cent less power. This is arguably far more important as screens get ever larger, guzzling juice by the bucketload. Exynos 4212

Next we have the GPU bit. Boasting a whopping 50 per cent potential 3D performance improvement over its already class-leading PowerVR predecessor (which even beat Nvidia’s Tegra 2 architecture in OpenGL benchmarks) it will allow for silky-smooth, high-bitrate 1080p video.

On the memory front, meanwhile, Samsung announced a new type of LPDDR3 (AKA Mobile DDR) memory that’s manufactured on 30nm (an industry first) and apparently operates a third faster than current silicon. Yet again, it does so while consuming 20 per cent less power, leaving no downside. It should be available in 1GB and 2GB packages.

All this goodness should be making its way into consumer devices very early next year, though the competition isn’t standing still, and it will be interesting to see how the Exynos 4212 fares against Nvidia’s quad-core beast, the Tegra 3 (AKA Kal-El).

Via The Inquirer

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