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Samsung Retaliates Against Apple

David Gilbert


Samsung Retaliates Against Apple

Samsung Electronics has hit back against Apple by filing its own lawsuit against the company it has quite a strange relationship with.

And that strange relationship has just gotten a little bit more intriguing. Last year, Apple bought somewhere in the region of £3.5 billion worth of semiconductors from Samsung for its iPhones and iPads. Apple is also suing the South Korean manufacturer for “slavishly copying” its iconic iPhone and iPad designs with its Galaxy line-up of phones and tablets. If that wasn’t enough, Samsung has not taken such action lying down and launched its own counteraction by suing Apple for violating its patent rights. A very cosy relationship indeed.

Samsung Electronics filed the patent lawsuits against Apple which include five patent infringements in South Korea, two in Japan and one in Germany. Details of what exactly Apple are meant to have done are still not available but considering the timing of the action, it strikes us that Samsung is simply doing this as a reaction to Apple’s lawsuit earlier in the week. Suit and counter-suit is a well-worn path for technology companies with all major companies involved in multiple legal battles across the globe. It has got to a stage that companies are planning on buying up patents just to protect themselves from prosecution.

No doubt Apple and Samsung will come to some arrangement as both will want to continue what has, until now, been a pretty successful partnership.

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