Samsung expands QLED plans – could the Galaxy S10 ditch AMOLED?

Samsung is planning to bring its new QLED display technology to other departments – including smartphones.

Last month it was reported that Samsung could be bringing next-generation QLED display technology to its TV range by 2019 or even 2018.

QLED essentially combines the core attributes of OLED and Quantum Dot display technology to create a bright, high-contrast picture, whilst reportedly being easier (and thus cheaper) to manufacturer than OLED panels.

Now a piece of evidence has emerged suggesting that Samsung is already looking at expanding its QLED efforts. As SamMobile points out, a US patent application for QLED technology was filed by the South Korean tech giant on June 27.

Besides TVs, the patent application also lists monitors and smartphones as target applications for Samsung’s QLED technology.

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We could be seeing future Samsung Galaxy S smartphones – let’s say the Samsung Galaxy S10, if Samsung can get it together for 2019 – packing QLED instead of Super AMOLED displays. The main advantage for the end user could potentially be a higher peak brightness, so such a phone could be more usable in direct sunlight – but we’re speculating here.

As for the prospect of a QLED monitor, it could mean stunning contrast and HDR content at an affordable price. PC gamers, artists, photographers, and graphic designers should be very interested about that.

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