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Samsung Pay finally comes to Europe


Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay has finally hit the European continent after almost a year of availability in other territories.

Samsung's mobile payment system initially hit the company's native South Korea in August of 2015, before heading over to the US a month later. Other than a rollout in China back in March, that's been it for Samsung Pay coverage to date.

We've known that Samsung Pay was coming to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Spain, and the UK in due course. But when?

That question has been answered, for one of those territories at least. Samsung Pay is now available in Spain.

It marks the service's European debut, and should (presumably) lead to a UK rollout in short order, as it's the only other EU country on that list.

Interestingly, a Samsung Spain representative says that the move "will mark a turning point both in Spaniards' payments behaviour and the evolution of the payments market as a whole."

"Moreover, according to recent research commissioned by Samsung, nearly six in 10 Spaniards are interested in incorporating a secure, simple and widely accepted payments service like Samsung Pay into their lives."

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As we were reminded recently with reports of the apparent failure of Apple Pay, the UK is relatively advanced when it comes to contactless payment methods - particularly in terms of the 86 million contactless cards in circulation.

This could work to the detriment of fresh mobile payment systems, such as Samsung Pay and Android Pay, that have looked to establish themselves in the market a little late in the day.

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Zairi Zairi

July 5, 2016, 1:44 pm

There is no payment by phone yet in malaysia, i hope that samsung pay will be implemented in malaysia as soon as possible....

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