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Samsung Outs New Netbook, Says Netbooks Are Dead

Ardjuna Seghers


Samsung netbook

Samsung has a long and well-respected legacy of netbooks, from relatively powerful efforts like the N510 to stylish little beasts such as the curvy NF-210. And the latest member of the family has just been spotted on a UK website, albeit without pictures.

The 10.1in N102S will apparently run an Intel Atom Cedar Trail CPU backed by the usual 1GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive. Naturally, Windows 7 Starter is the OS of choice. So there’s nothing revolutionary here, but with its £240 price considerably lower than better alternatives like the netbook version of the fabulous little Lenovo ThinkPad X121e, it should do as well as its predecessors.

However, the N102S might well be one of the last of a dying breed, as a leaked email from the Korean company reveals it will soon be killing off the humble netbook - at least as we know it. Essentially, while Samsung might still use Atom CPUs, its smallest ultraportables will be 11.6in come 2012.

Samsung netbook

With consumers demanding ever more performance even from affordable machines, and with tablets like the Eee Pad Transformer steadily gnawing away at the netbook market (ironically from Asus, the guys responsible for the netbook craze in the first place), we suppose this development was inevitable. Yet we can’t help but shed a tear as we remember the golden days.

Source: Engadget


November 26, 2011, 12:55 am

Attractive though the Transformer looks, what I will continue to want is a light, affordable machine with good battery life that runs compatible apps with my desktop, and has proper multitasking with open windows you can easily move between. As it happens I've been using an Acer 751 netbook which already has a 11.6 inch screen - it's far more useable both in its keyboard and browsing resolution than the standard 10.1 inch form factor. If netbooks have a future it's for those who don't want to struggle with what is essentially a media consumption tool (ie a tablet) when they need to do proper work on the move and can't afford a lovely ultrabook. Samsung's move seems the right one. I have an Android smartphone and the aforementioned netbook:they do pretty much everything I want on the move.

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