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Samsung mocks BlackBerry in new Samsung Galaxy S3 ad

Luke Johnson


BlackBerry Torch
BlackBerry Torch

Samsung has launched a new advertising campaign for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2, using the TV spot to mock BlackBerry ahead of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 release date.

With the new BlackBerry 10 operating system and compatible handsets to be officially unveiled next Wednesday, January 30, Samsung has looked to belittle its resurgent competitor, showing BlackBerry handsets as dated business tools on their way out of favour with modern consumers.

A former giant of the business orientated smartphone scene, BlackBerry handsets have fallen out of favour with many businesses and employees in recent months, with many companies now offering staff a supply your own smartphone scene. Making fun of BlackBerry’s ailing primary market, Samsung has hinted that the RIM owned manufacturer is doomed with the company, in reference to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2, stating: “The next big thing for business is here.”

Kicking the Canadian handset manufacturer whilst it is down, Samsung’s latest jaunts come following repeated quarterly loses that has seen next week’s BlackBerry 10 release date become a make or break launch for the former smartphone giant.

With just days to go until the BlackBerry 10 release date, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has revealed the company could be forced to sell off the BlackBerry brand if the BB10 OS fails to ignite strong consumer interest.

"We do not want to limit our options… including the sale of the hardware production,” Heins said in an interview earlier this week.

Suggesting that the company will also look to license the BB10 OS to other handset manufacturers, Heins added: “Before you license the software, you must show that the platform has a large potential. First we have to fulfil our promises. If we do, licensing is conceivable.”

Far from the first time Samsung has used advertising material to mock its closest rivals, past Samsung Galaxy Note ads have seen the South Korean company poke fun at the iPhone 5 and Apple fans, showing queues of so called fan boys being distracted by Samsung’s latest mobile wares.

Should company’s such as Samsung be belittling themselves with such petty micky taking or does it add some much needed comic relief to a largely fusty industry? Share your thoughts on the matter with us via the Trusted Reviews Twitter and Facebook feeds or through the comment boxes below.

Via: CNet


January 22, 2013, 2:26 pm

No I.T. administrator in their right mind would allow employees to use malware infested Android phones with confidential company info.
The only major event slated for Android in 2013 is another year of rapid malware app production.
There is no comparision between Sansung/Android and Blackberry Balance for the corporate world, this ad may backfire and highlight how insecure Android is, even iPhones are more secure than android.

Toni F

January 22, 2013, 3:55 pm

Who cares what ad campaigns anyone uses at the end of the day people and companies will choose what fits best for them and as far as people that belive android is mal ware infested and that apple is safer yeah right! nothing is as protected as we think it is. hackers can get into secure encrypted banking institutes, If some hacker wanted to manipulate a secured encrypted phone they can! itunes was hacked and people's credit card info were in jeopardy and ect Just because you don't hear about something doesn't mean it's not happening.BB is not the end all be all business phone no one will ever know what samsung or android can do for business unless they try it out. Nothing is ever as safe and secure as we like it to be. A close friend of mine just ditched her BB she and her husband were BB user for the last 5yrs. The co he works for are looking into android or apple so BB is losing a business acct with 250 employess. I hope you BB fans go out and buy the new BB10 to keep the sales up for the co. Me I could care less because like I said at the end of the day people and companies are going to buy what they like. Sometimes change is good and If BB. Is sweating the release of the new BB then it seems that co are in fact leaning toward other options then BB. May the best phone win!


January 22, 2013, 5:35 pm

I love the Samsung ads. I should declare a bias, I have a Galaxy Note. But even so, I just love how they send up both sides of the geek culture - I think they poke as much fun at both camps. OK, so some do come out slightly worse, but it's marginal.

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