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Samsung Gear 3 leak claims curved display on the way


Gear 2
Gear 2 was a commercial and critical flop

Samsung is planning to bring its curved display technology to its next flagship smartwatch, according to reports on Friday.

The Korean tech giant plans to equip the rumoured Gear 3 wearable with a screen that curves around the wrist, Pocket-Now sources claim.

According to the leaked information, the display will be taller than the 1.6-inch screen that sits on its Gear 2 and Gear Live smart watches, but won’t be as “extreme” as the elongated Gear Fit.

The site says it’ll have a “very pronounced” curve that’s “significantly” more rounded than the Gear Fit.

Beyond the shape of the display, the report claims it’ll boast AMOLED technology, while the device itself will, as expected, run on Samsung’s home-brewed Tizen operating system rather than Android Wear.

It’ll have thin side bezels, the source claims, while a cellular radio may be present. The report adds that a camera isn’t likely to be added into the mix.

The rumoured Gear Solo name apparently isn’t on the agenda either. The device will be referred to as the Gear 3, the report says.

Finally, with an alleged target release date of “sometime in September” an IFA launch alongside the Galaxy Note 4 at Samsung’s Unpacked Event seems inevitable.

Last month we brought word that Samsung plans to bundle the Gear 3 and the Note 4 together, a strategy it has attempted with very limited success in the past.

Are you up for Note 4/Gear 3 combo? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Prem Desai

August 25, 2014, 9:22 am

Seems like Samsung is carrying on with its best-seller: "How to rapidly ruin your market share after spending years building it up" .....

In trying to be first (and worst), Samsung has lost all credibility with their smartwatches.

They really need to go back to the drawing board. Simply curving a flat screen and altering the size is NOT enough.

Also, change the name to something else - Gear 3 sounds like a continuation of the failed Gear and Gear 2.

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