Samsung’s Galaxy S9 could feature an all-new ‘Environmental Sensor’

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and other future handsets from the tech giant may feature an ‘Environment Sensor’ for measuring and harvesting information about a user’s surroundings. 

Or at least that’s what a patent application filed in South Korea by Samsung would suggest.

The patent describes a sensor built-in Samsung’s future smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, which can measure the amount of harmful particles in the air.

While it has been dubbed an Environment Sensor, the patent seems more focused on collecting information about pollution rather than a suite of extra environment data, such as noise levels.

For people living in cities with high levels of air pollution or with areas that sufferer from a lot of particles-based air pollution, such as London’s Oxford Circus, such a sensor could be useful as it would alert people to leave the area or put on a mask.

And the feature could be useful for people who travel a lot to other cities which have high levels of air pollution, like Beijing for example.

However, the Environment Sensor only exists in patent form at the moment, so there’s only a very outside chance that the next Galaxy flagship would have such a sensor.

Samsung also regularly files patents but the tech in them never sees the light of day, so the Environment Sensor may just be a speculative patent application by the South Korean tech firm.

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