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Samsung Galaxy S7 coming February 21, apparently


Samsung Galaxy S6

As usual, the release date of the next flagship Samsung smartphone is a hot topic.

The latest information on that front suggests that device will be formally unveiled on February 21.

That’s in opposition to a previous rumour that suggested the Samsung Galaxy S7 release had been pushed forward.

On August 8, a leak suggested Samsung was eyeing a release schedule for the new phone that had been advanced by one to two months – that had the device arriving as soon as December this year.

However, a later rumour pointed to a more likely early February launch date.

The latest musing on the matter comes courtesy of prolific mobile tipster ‘Ricciolo’, who tweeted the following:

If nothing really has changed, we’d expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S7 arrive at a dedicated ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event, one day ahead of Mobile World Congress.

Next year’s MWC is scheduled for February 22 to February 25, so February 21 seems the most likely date for now.

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November 17, 2015, 3:33 am

Provided the LGG 5 is no larger in its exterior dimensions, I'm really anxious to get a look at that.
I'm really not one that has to replace my cell phone every six months or even every new model year. I actually think that it is more trouble than it is worth can set the damn thing up each time.
However, I MIGHT make the exception and upgrade from my LG g4 to the G5 if a goodly portion of what I've heard about the G5 so far is true.
But I just don't want the thing any bigger. I want a phone. Not a phtablet.

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