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Samsung Galaxy S5 release date ‘likely to be Q1’

Luke Johnson


Samsung Galaxy S4
The S5 release is expected to launch in a matter of weeks

The eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is “likely to be Q1,” an official Samsung spokesperson has exclusively told TrustedReviews.

Speaking during CES 2014, the company representative has suggested that while finalised timings are still up in the air, it is “looking increasing likely” that a Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will be held during the year’s first quarter.

With Q1 coming to a close on March 31, the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 release date rumblings are fitting with past rumours that have pointed to a post MWC 2014 launch.

Last year the Samsung Galaxy S4 was officially unveiled during a mid-March New York-based launch event before rolling out to retailers the following month.

“We don’t know our exact timings yet,” the official Samsung spokesperson told us. They added: “It will definitely be H1 and it is looking increasingly likely that it will be Q1.”

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 tipped to play host to everything from a 5.2-inch 2K display to an octo-core processor and Google’s latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, the iPhone 5S and HTC One rival is one of the most eagerly awaited tech launches of 2014.

Teasing upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 features, Kyle Brown, Samsung’s Head of Technical Product Management for IM added: “We are listening to everything our customers are saying.”

He added: “Our R&D department does so much research into every area of our business that, although I can’t tell you exactly what is going to change now, we are definitely listing and are developing what we think will be the best device this year.”

Earlier in his private discussion with TrustedReviews, Brown hinted that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will not feature a new metal form factor as previously mooted.

"I don’t believe Samsung will go down the route of making a metal device just because other manufacturers are,” he said.

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January 14, 2014, 7:10 pm

so so disappointing to hear that the S5 will not have a metal casing. How does Samsung have the nerve to say they are listening to their customers when blatantly ignoring the screams from the consumer that WE Want a flagship smartphone with top premium materials not cheap plastic! Do Not think Samsung that you can get away with that forever. I for one will change back to iphone if you dont give us a phone with top materials ala iphone or HTC.

Paul Murphy

January 15, 2014, 9:13 am

I'm hoping that it does arrive in Q1 as my contract is up in March, and whilst i will wait for confirmed features, I don't think I want to go for the iPhone 5s, and getting an S4 when the 5 is almost here would be foolish, especially when locked into a long term deal. I'm swaying between this and a HTC but really don't know which way to go. Any thoughts?

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