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Samsung Galaxy S4 pays homage to the iPhone 5S with new gold colour schemes

Luke Johnson


Gold Samsung Galaxy S4
Gold Samsung Galaxy S4

Two new Samsung Galaxy S4 colour schemes have been unveiled, with the flagship Samsung handset paying homage to the new iPhone 5S with a gold hued makeover.

With a gold iPhone 5S having been officially released last week, Samsung has now confirmed that it will launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 in both Gold Pink and Gold Brown options, with the Korean manufacturer making the announcement over social networks.

“Have you seen the new elegant #GalaxyS4 new #GoldEdition colors? Gold Brown or Gold Pink,” a company spokesperson wrote on the official Samsung Gulf Facebook page. Partnering the announcement with a picture of the new S4 handsets, Samsung has beaten the heavily rumoured gold HTC One to the realms of reality.

Although Samsung has confirmed the Gold Pink and Gold Brown Samsung Galaxy S4, the manufacturer has as yet failed to announce pricing or availability of the new colour schemes. It is currently unclear when, or indeed if, the Gold S4s will hit the UK.

While the new Gold Pink and Gold Brown Samsung Galaxy S4s have received positive reactions from a number of the company’s Facebook followers, others have poked fun at the timing of the launch and similarities the new colours hold with the iPhone 5S. “An incredibly good idea full of originalism!” one tongue-in-cheek commenter wrote.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s flagship Android handset and the main rival to the iPhone 5S for smartphone supremacy. With a 1.9GHz quad-core processor at its heart, the S4 boasts 2GB of RAM alongside a 13-megapixel rear-mounted camera.

Having been made available in both black and white hues at launch, five further Samsung Galaxy S4 colours were announced back in June. Offering a design for all tastes, a blue Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced alongside purple, red, brown and pink devices.

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September 25, 2013, 5:14 pm

Samsung made 1 mistake (well 2) which stopped them getting my 'business' this year...where is the 32Gb!!!! And the second was all the hype at launch about the Octa core processor where they suddenly did a 180 oh sorry did we forget to mention that the LTE/4G variants will be based on old Snapdragon 600 quad cores...our bad. I just got my iphone 5S gold 64Gb and loving it. I also have my Samsung 32Gb S3 aswell just in case someone accuses me of being biased. I guess besides the nexus range (which probably will never have one) to me the biggest draw card to android phones is the SD Card provided the on board storage is enough. I also have an S2 which I recently had to play around with to get apps moved to the sd card...16Gb is not enough, The HTC one definitely needs the SD Card seriously, its Android's trump card in my mind against apple. Also Google should have more control over the vendors for when they release updates. My S3 is still on 4.1.2 released about a year ago! The S3 itself is just over a hear old, My Iphone 4s runs IOS 7 ... guess I am slightly biased to Apple...

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