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Samsung Galaxy S4 dual-camera mode was copied from us says LG

Luke Johnson


Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4

Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date, bitter rival LG has suggested Samsung copied some of its upcoming handset’s leading new features.

The much awaited follow-on to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 will hit UK markets next week with a raft of ‘new’ smartphone features that have captured consumers’ imaginations set to help distinguish the device from its past iterations.

According to LG, however, Samsung has been somewhat underhand in its feature adoption, stating its Korean neighbour ‘copied’ a selection of its original technologies and features, including dual-camera simultaneous shooting capabilities.

In reference to dual-camera shooting functions, Dr Ramchan Woo, LG’s Head of Mobile Planning told TrustedReviews: “Because this feature is so great, our neighbour, they copied and put it into the S4,”

Far from a one off incident, Woo has suggested that a copying of ideas is rife within the mobile sector with a number of LG’s main rivals all named as potential plagiarisers of the company’s intellectual properties. Citing HTC, Sony and Samsung, Woo declared: “Others are trying to copy these features.”

With a Samsung Galaxy S4 UK release date pencilled in for April 26, the iPhone 5 and Google Nexus 4 rivalling device will benefit from a wide range of new software features over its predecessor, as well as a collection of less than ground-breaking hardware improvements.

Having revealed that the UK bound iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will not feature the same eight-core processor that is set to hit other markets, Samsung has focussed heavily on the handset’s software capabilities with dual-camera shooting to be paired with a selection of eye-tracking abilities.

With ‘Smart Pause’ to see multimedia content automatically halted when the handset detects users are looking away from the handset’s screen, ‘Smart Scroll’ will use eye tracking in collaboration with accelerometers to allow users to scroll through on-screen content without needing to touch the screen.

Actionable Steps

April 18, 2013, 2:44 am

If I file a patent citing that I will make a device that has something new like a phone with an optical zoom, how long until someone makes that before me? Can I then sue them for infringement even though I have no way to make such a device?


April 18, 2013, 6:11 am

I am surprised LG have only spoken out now, when I saw the first video for the Optimus G Pro it showed it having a dual camera feature and this was around Christmas time. My HTC One is awesome by the way, thanks Samsung for making the design of the S4 so bad that my decision was so easy.


April 18, 2013, 9:15 am

Same here, I'm really happy I went for the HTC. What do you think of BlinkFeed?, I'm really liking it. First thing in the morning I get myself a cup of coffee, sit in bed and catch up, it's like getting a morning paper without paying. :) And the Facebook & TV remote bit works well with it too. TR, are you thinking of creating a feed?

Sense 5 is as smooth as butter, better than my IP4 that was starting to lag a lot. Only problem is that my mic seems to have a fault, so I'm doing a replacement, just waiting for our local p4u to get them in stock so I can do a straight swap.


April 18, 2013, 9:35 am

I used Blinkfeed for a couple of weeks and thought it was really good, just trying out Nova launcher now for a couple of weeks, not sure which option to go for yet. It is such a thing of beauty that I have unfortunately put a case on it to maintain it's beauty but i am always taking it out and just admiring the finish. I haven't had any issues with mine, loving the Zoe and gallery features but i am also an iphone convert and kind of missing a home button, but it's just something I'll have to get used to.


April 18, 2013, 10:42 am

I was one of the unfortunate's to have the Home button problem on my ip4, and my iPad 3 also suffers with it too. So don't think I'll be missing the button any time soon :) .You of course have the Home touch button on the HTC. One thing I think I will miss on the ip4 was the expose search, I often used this as a way of quickly launching Apps, you of course have App search on the HTC but just doesn't feel as slick. Let us know how you get on with Nova Launcher, looking at screenshots etc, not sure what I'd gain, I think a lot of people use it for performance reasons, but as you known Sense 5 on this has no lag issues anyway, and I think I'd miss the TV Remote / Zoe / Facebook / News integration that is BlinkFeed.

Nate Ebner

April 18, 2013, 11:35 am

You'd have to be more specific, and patent a way you would do that. There'd need to be some technology behind it. A lot of the 'feature' patents, and software patents, would be tough to protect in a court of law. The ones that most irritate me is when a company claims their gestures are intuitive, and then patents them. If something is intuitive, then how can you claim you invented it.

Nate Ebner

April 18, 2013, 11:39 am

What sort of case have you gone for? I've gone for a slip case, and so I use it in it's natural splendour, but have it protected in my pocket and when I get it out. I'm pretty careful and so don't think I am likely to drop it while using it. I also put it on the case when I leave it by my desk.
I went for a Bugatti XL Skinny from Amazon. Real leather, and only £15, it looks and feels great. I went for Burning Coal, which is a black case, with a red inside, and think it looks pretty swish, even if the Bugatti branding, while pretty subtle is a bit funny, and definitely hints at ideas way beyond my means.


April 18, 2013, 12:42 pm

I went for an ultra thin hard case that I got from ebay. It's made by a company called Rock and it came from china for about £3. It's quite a dilemma because obviously you want to show it off and just admire it's beauty but on the other hand you want to preserve it's beauty and do not want to gamble on how easy the anodising is to scratch.

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