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Samsung Galaxy S3 mini release date and price confirmed


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini 2

Both the release date and price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini have been confirmed by both Phones4U and the independent unlocked phone specialist shop, www.unlocked-mobiles.com.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini release date - 2 November

Samsung's new mid-range Android handset, which is the baby brother of the Samsung Galaxy S3, will be available to buy from 2 November onwards, with both shops already taking pre-orders.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini price - £294.98

The Galaxy S3 mini is a mid-range phone so it's quite a bit cheaper than its flagship namesake, though not as cheap as we might have expected. SIM-free and unlocked you can pick it up for £294.98, while phones4U is listing a variety of deals with Vodafone, Orange and O2, with the phone being free on 24 month contracts of above about £25.

At those sorts of prices it's in the same sort of price bracket as the far superior HTC One X. But, we expect prices to settle down to a lower level than this in the coming days and weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini launched yesterday, after having been highly anticipated for several weeks. But, hopes of it being a true mini version of Samsung's flagship Android phone were soon dashed. Instead it sports a modest specification of a dual-core 1GHz processor, 4in WVGA screen and 8/16GB storage options, with both NFC and 4G missing.

It still retains the S3's styling, though, and should prove a great buy for those looking to save a few pennies.

Will you be putting in your pre-order or are your hands big enough to handle the full Galaxy S3 experience? Let us know your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook and the comments.

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October 12, 2012, 11:03 pm

There is no point to this phone whatsoever except to push the name further; just the name is misleading enough to make everyone think this is the SIII, in a smaller chassis (which it clearly isn't). I thought it'd be something like the cool Xperia Mini from last year (a small Xperia phone with the components of the Xperia Arc, albeit cut down). But nooo; it's a phone that looks like a SIII but without the amazing components and is the same if not worse (on paper at least) than the already great and cheaper SII.

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