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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may be coming to Europe after all


Note 5

There's evidence that Samsung might be preparing a European launch of the Galaxy Note 5 after all.

Samsung has had its troubles with the Note 5 of late, with widespread reports of a major design flaw involving the S Pen stylus.

However, it remains a desirable premium phablet with a unique skill set. As such, Samsung's decision not to release it in Europe continues to stick in the throat. All is far from lost on that count, however.

As GSMArena reports, an international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been showing up in a variety of official websites - including Samsung's very own.

Over on the Samsung website, model SM-N920F has appeared in a section (in French, no less) detailing the phone's SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value. Yep, the N920 is the model number for the Galaxy Note 5.

Earlier in the week, this international 'F' variant also appeared on the official Bluetooth.org website as well as the FCC, so this clearly isn't a simple error on Samsung's part.

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Of course, Samsung never ruled out a European launch of the Galaxy Note 5 entirely. It merely said that it wouldn't be doing so in 2015.

Whether these latest sightings mean that Samsung has responded to the backlash, and is going to release the Note 5 in the UK and Europe imminently, we're not so sure. But it's nice that the groundwork is at least being laid for such a phone, right?

Here's what the UK and Europe got instead of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5:


August 27, 2015, 6:27 pm

Samsung might not have released the Note 5 in the U.K because they know it way to Expensive like the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus,but reading reviews about the Note 5 and its Glass back as made me stay with the Note 4 instead,Glass is a Finger Print Magnet and Breaks Easily and this would make me so worried about paying so much for a phone that can be Damaged so Easily with one single bang,Samsung better start to realise this or people will start buying alternative phone that Last Longer,Moto X Style would be much better Value with the Galaxy S7 just months away

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