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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge tipped at MWC 2015


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung has revealed it is considering incorporating its dual-edge display technology on this year’s upcoming Galaxy Note 5 handset.

The South Korean tech giant made the announcement in Barcelona, at the annual Mobile World Congress event.

Roh Tae Moon, Samsung’s executive VP of product strategy, said: “There is a possibility that Samsung will introduce the curved display for the Galaxy Note lineup,” as reported by KoreaHerald.

Samsung used MWC 2015 to unveil both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge handsets.

The latter riffed on last year’s Galaxy Note Edge handset, boasting a curved display that wrapped over the sides of the Galaxy S6 spin-off device.

While its pragmatic usage still remains unclear, the dual-edge display has been widely praised as innovative and disruptive to the sector.

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It’s likely Samsung is still hedging its bets on the dual-edge tech, which is why it hasn’t placed its lot entirely on a Note 5 Edge.

The release of such a device will likely depend on the success of the Galaxy S6 Edge, which is due to go on sale next month.

The Note 5, meanwhile, will probably launch sometime around September, which gives Samsung plenty of time to gauge consumer interest in dual-edge technology.

It’s been a tough year from Samsung, with the electronics giant having lost a massive 50 per cent market share in China - a key market for the firm - in just one year.

The dual-edge display could be just what Samsung needs to recoup some of its losses and return to the fore.


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