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Samsung flexible phone confirmed by patent filings

Sam Loveridge


Samsung flexible display patent
Samsung flexible display patent

Samsung has filed a patent for a flexible display that outlines how the future technology will work in smartphone devices.

The South Korean company has reportedly been working on flexible displays for quite some time, but this new patent explains how the technology functions.

Able to detect the various ways users bend the screen, including the folding angle or curvature, the flexible display will automatically adjust the image so it is presented accurately, despite the positioning of the screen.

The patent also reveals that the flexible display can be bent to zoom in and out on content. Similar to pinch zooming functionality offered by current smartphones, users could be able to concavely or convexly bend the screen to adjust the zoom levels.

The flexible display is built in a four layer design that has a multi-touch screen on top and a “bending detection port” at the bottom. Flexible enough to be rolled, the screen will apparently still be able to display an image and accept multi-touch inputs from users.

Samsung’s flexible display patent also included one for an eBook page turning effect that casts a shadow over the text on the page behind the one being turned over.

The flexible display technology could therefore be implemented in a Samsung eBook, flexible enough to resemble and act like a paperback novel.

Rumours have already suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will feature a flexible OLED display that is “unbreakable”, “thinner and lighter than the conventional glass substrate type OLED.”

Tipped to play host to a screen at least 5.9-inches in size, the flexible plastic OLED display could shave off 1mm in depth and 50g in weight off the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

LG has also said it will be delivering an LG flexible display OLED screen smartphone by the end of the year. Mentioned during the South Korean company’s earnings call last month, Vice President of LG Mobile Yoon Bu-hyun said the company is working with LG Display to produce a flexible OLED screen smartphone by Q4 2013.

Until that happens, you’ll have to content yourself with Samsung’s flagship 5-inch Super AMOLED Samsung Galaxy S4 screen.

Samsung flexible display patent

Via: Android Authority


May 9, 2013, 5:35 pm

flexible display, not flexible processors, sim cards etc.

Jents Talukder

May 11, 2013, 8:27 am

very good


June 11, 2013, 6:26 pm

That's all.... already in development by Samsung as well. They remain the only true honest end to end mobile divice manufacturer and in fact are suing LG and others for spying and ripping off their now BILLIONS of DOLLARS in AMOLED and Flexible screen technology.

But the fact is... that LG's OLED technology is still inferior, because it relies on an OLED backlight rather having an array of AMOLED self lighting technology Samsung uses. Another reason LG will not be having "Transparent" OLED technology and neither will any of the other competition. Samsung owns the greatest number of OLED (AMOLED Trademark) Patents on the planet.

Yet another interesting note on this subject of flexible transistors, etc and primarily substrate holding the chips, is that Samsung is already months and even years ahead of anyone else. Primarily because of there enormous co-partnered research with IBM into Graphene based use in mobile designs. Not even IBM has as many patents though, as does SAMSUNG!

That's because SAMSUNG owns, drills oil wells, grows organic derived plastics and mines the majority of rare earths used in OLED Flexible Screen and other assorted parts to be used in the Future! .....it's not called a Global Corporate Conglomerate for nothing you know and the truth is, SAMSUNG Chaebol is more like the Saudi Royal Family than LG, Apple (in US), Sony (Japan) or any other major Electronics Enterprise in the World! ^_*

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