‘Samsung’ D-SLR Looks Familiar

The much anticipated GX-1S is here. I bet Samsung engineers worked night and day on that replacement label.

There has been much hullabaloo (yes, I do like digging out the most antiquated English phrases I can think of) about Samsung’s entry into the digital SLR market. Well, I can say right now it is going to be good, but perhaps not for the reasons you’re thinking…


Here’s a clue: Pentax. Here’s another clue: it is the *ist DSLR (!), the very same beast that got straight nines from our resident camera guru Cliff Smith. This probably has something to do with the celebratory statement from Samsung that ”its” latest camera will support Pentax lenses. Funny that?

Anyhoo, downright thievery aside you’re obviously going to get all the goodies that made Cliff such a happy boy last April. Namely 6.1 megapixels, 2.5in LCD, ISO levels to 3200, 2.8fps burst mode, 125 x 92.5 x 67mm, just 505g, etc, etc (check here for the rest). Whether it raises such smiles again will most likely come down to price. Sadly, Samsung has kept rather tight lipped about this important detail though it is going to have to be sub £450 if it hopes to have any chance of persuading users to dump their Pentax branding…

Still, I figure fair’s fair and Pentax should now have the right to stick its logo on a Samsung notebook. A preposterous trend could then appear where Apple would attach its label to Asus machines, Nike would use re-label Reebok trainers and Hip Hop ‘artists’ would steal every famous melody from great tracks over the last 30 years rather than write their own. Oh, hang on…

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