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Roku: We're already working on our next two devices


roku 4
The Roku 4, launched in October 2015

The Roku 4 is just three months old, but its successors are already in the works.

Roku has revealed to TrustedReviews that the next two Roku devices are already in development.

We asked Lloyd Klarke, Director of Product Management at Roku, whether work on the next Roku box was already underway.

“Yeah, and the next one after that too,” Klarke told us, during an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas.

The Roku 4 was formally introduced in October 2015, bringing 4K support to the platform for the first time.

Klarke explained that Roku hopes to improve “surfacing content” speeds with future iterations of its flagship media streaming device.

He said that rather than simply upgrading hardware, there would be a focus on giving “customers the ability to get to their content faster”.

“We find that customers are happier when they stream,” Klarke explained. “And the way they get to stream more is if they get a faster path to what they’re interested in watching.”

He added: “We’re working on a number of things to shorten that.”

He cited solutions like making videos start faster, and shortening the number of steps it takes to get to a specific channel.

roku 04The Roku 4 interface

The company made a number of announcements at this year’s CES convention, including the first 4K UHD Roku TV models, a new Roku TV HDR reference design, and the first Roku TVs for consumers in Mexico.

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Roku is one of the world’s most successful streaming platforms, supporting over 1,700 streaming channels in the UK, including Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and Now TV.

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January 18, 2016, 3:13 am

Add a browser!

Sam Iam

May 23, 2016, 2:43 am

The designers of the Roku interface are total morons. As but once example, if you use the universal search functionality, you must scroll over 4 or 5 clicks (from A to E or whatever, across the alphabet) before you can arrive at the list of recent searches which is located to the right (the cursor starts at "A" to the extreme left). Simply placing the recent searches to the left of the alphabet would save all of these unnecessary clicks - just one click to the left would get you there, without detracting from any other aspect of the interface. Talk about low-hanging fruit. And don't get me started on the HBO interface, absolutely horrible; it can't even remember what the last episode was you watched, and which starts you at the most recent episode of any given show and forces you to jump through hoops every time to go back to earlier episodes.

Also, though the Roku universal search is helpful, it works only for titles and actors. There's no genre grouping. So, to search for comedies across all installed channels (Netflix, HBO, FX, etc.) is impossible.

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