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RIM Buys Tungle For Calendar-Syncing Goodness

David Gilbert


RIM Buys Tungle For Calendar-Syncing Goodness

Without a native calendar app present on the PlayBook when it began shipping in the US a couple of weeks ago, RIM seems to be taking concrete steps to ensure that embarrassing situation won’t happen again with the purchase of fellow Canadian company, Tungle.

Tungle specialises in syncing your calendar across platforms including BlackBerry and iOS – with Android compatibility promised to come soon. However with RIM’s purchase of Tungle – for an undisclosed fee – things might just change but so far the BlackBerry manufacturer is remaining tight-lipped about what plans it has for Tungle. The application not only allows you to sync your calendars but allows you to schedule meetings with others, share your calendar, and tie it in with other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can see how it all works in the video below.

“By working with Tungle to add cloud-based, cross-platform calendar capabilities to the BlackBerry platform we can further enrich our customers’ experience with BlackBerry and continue to help them get things done,” says Tom Goguen, RIM’s VP of collaboration and social networking. While RIM is considered a major player when it comes to communication as well as email and calendar management, the failure of the PlayBook to ship with native apps for these essential services was an embarrassing oversight. With this acquisition, the Canadian company will hope that, in relation to calendars at least, it won’t happen again.

Tungle is only one of a number of acquisitions RIM has made recently, including relationship manager Gist and design company The Astonishing Tribe, and it will be hoping that with these acquisitions will keep it competitive with Android and iOS into the future.

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