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Ricoh Unveils GR Digital IV Compact

David Gilbert


Ricoh GR Digital IV

Ricoh has announced the follow-up to its excellent but expensive premium compact camera in the shape of the Ricoh GR Digital IV.

When we looked at the Ricoh GR Digital III back in 2009, we were highly impressed with its image and build quality giving both a ten out of ten. However at £530, it was way too expensive for a compact camera, and unfortunately Ricoh has done little to address the issue with the update.

The GR Digital IV will go on sale in October priced at £500 and should you want a lens cap or a hand strap (which come as stand on other models) you’ll have to shell out a further £17.90 – each.

The GR Digital IV features Ricoh’s external AF sensor with a maximum of 190 AF points. Through the Hybrid AF System, which is used in parallel with the conventional CCD contrast AF, Ricoh promises an AF focusing time as short as 0.2 seconds, as much as half that of the previous model.

Ricoh GR Digital IV

The image quality on the GR Digital III was superb, but Ricoh claims this has been improved on the new model. There is a new processing engine, refinements to the optical filter and the same 10 megapixel 1/1.7-inch type CCD sensor as the previous model.

Ricoh has also updated the 3in LCD screen with approximately 1.23million dots and with brightness boosted by 1.7x. The GR Digital IV also comes with the first image-sensor shift image stabilisation function in the GR Digital series.

The GR Digital IV will be available in either black or white (limited to 10,000 units) when it goes on sale next month.

Is this just too much to pay for a compact camera or will the image quality sway you into purchasing? Let us know in the comments.


December 14, 2011, 4:08 pm

Having upgraded from the GRD III to the GRD IV I can honestly say this is a worthy upgrade and not as minor as many may at first think. I use the camera predominantly for street work and I'm finding the GRD IV is giving me a lot more keepers and the camera can now be used in more extreme lighting situations than before. IBIS helps but the new processing engine is the biggest improvement. ISO800 is like ISO400 on the GRD III and ISO1600 is very useable. The LCD is a clear improvement and there are some worthy features thrown in too. Best camera for its size bar none IMO..

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