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Retro-fit your Nintendo NES with wireless PS4 and Wiimote controllers



A new gaming accessory will allow you to use your old school Nintendo NES console without sitting a couple of feet away from the television.

The $20 Retro Receiver is a Bluetooth-based adapter for the iconic system which enables the use of wireless games controllers.

The peripheral is made by Analogue NT and 8bitDo, the maker of a number of retro-styled controllers.

While the Retro Receiver is designed to be used with 8bitDo’s own Bluetooth controllers, it’ll also play nice with the PS3, PS4, Wiimote and Wii U Pro controller.

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Given many Nintendo loyalists will have at least one Wiimote lying around the place, so this offers a great solution if the original pads are failing the test of time.

The Retro Receiver can be purchased now.



April 26, 2016, 7:53 am

Serious question - how many people actually have a NES that still works and is still in use? Of course that number is non-zero, but is there a significant enough population to make it commercially justifiable to release a new peripheral?


April 28, 2016, 2:53 pm

Yea there is a huge and ever growing 'retro' scene in the UK and in Europe to be honest, even in the US its a growing scene. The retro receiver is great, the support of multiple platform controllers is great, especially for those that have preference of a particular pad for comfort such as the ps3 pad over the nes pad.

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