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Report: New 21.5in iMac with 4K to go on sale next week



The rumoured Apple iMac with a 21.5in 4K display will be announced next week and go on sale immediately thereafter, according to reports on Tuesday.

9to5Mac cites multiple sources claiming that the desktop all-in-one could go on sale as soon as 13 October.

However, Apple isn’t planning on ramping up production until November, according to the report, which could lead to sparse early availability.

No aesthetic changes are expected, meaning the rumoured 4,096 x 2,304 4K display will headline the new iMac. Apple is also expected to boost the graphics cards.

The updated iMac 21.5in will arrive to sit alongside the current non-4K iteration, but will naturally see a little bit of a price increase as a result of those extra pixels.

However, the improved resolution would be a huge boon to the army of photo and video editors who use iMacs as their tool of choice.

Naturally, Mac OS X El Capitan, which rolled out last week, will come installed out of the box, while there’s also a chance a new Magic Mouse with Force Touch tech will arrive in time for this upgrade.

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The larger 27in iMac already has a 5K edition, so don’t expect an upgrade there.

Would a 4K iMac release see you take the first steps into the Ultra HD world? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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