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Report: iPhone 6c video is ‘fake,’ iPhone 5se is the real deal


iPhone 5S

Earlier this week we showed you a video of a purported iPhone SE, which showed a scaled back version of the iPhone 6 series, with a smaller display.

Apparently, according to sources reporting to the 9to5Mac blog, that’s a straight up fake.

The sources say the 4-inch iPhone won’t be a shrunken iPhone 6 design, rather it’ll be the oft-talked-of enhanced iPhone 5s.

The sources say it’ll go by the name iPhone 5se (‘e’ for enhanced?) and will feature a design similar to the iPhone 5s, while retaining the headphone jack reportedly under threat in future iPhone models.

The report outlines a device with curved glass edges, as well as an 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera.

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Interestingly, it’ll also feature the Live Photos feature from the iPhone 6s, according to the sources. There’s also talk of an NFC chip for Apple Pay as well as the A8 and M8 processors from the iPhone 6.

In terms of colours, you’ll be able to snap one up in silver, space gray and rose gold.

Sadly, for those seeking a flagship-worthy 4-inch device, there’ll be no pressure sensitive display with 3D Touch capabilities.

The report says the device will replace the iPhone 5s in Apple’s line-up and will be released in late April or early March.

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