Report: Apple axing the home button on the iPhone 8

What’s a Friday without an iPhone rumour? Today’s iPhone news concerns the 2017 model, and once again suggests Apple will be removing the home button from the handset.

The news comes via a Bloomberg report which cites ‘a person familiar with the matter’ who claims the company will be focusing more on the iPhone 8‘s display:

“Apple is already at work on a major redesign of the iPhone for 2017 that focuses more heavily on the display by removing the Home button, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

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Most of the report concerns an iPhone made specifically to support FeliCa payments in Japan, but its brief mention of a buttonless iPhone 8 backs up previous rumours suggesting the same.

A WSJ article earlier this year said Apple is creating a handset with a full single piece of glass on the front, which would leave no room for the home button – a central feature of previous iPhone models.

There’s also been reports that Foxconn is developing this all-glass casing, while KGI has backed up claims of an all-glass iPhone 8.

Previous rumours, based on patent filings, have Apple preparing a curved OLED display for next year’s handset.

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iPhone 7The iPhone 7 could come with a new Force Touch home button

This would be the first time the company has used the display technology in its phones, having used LCD screens in all iPhones up to this point.

The iPhone 7, expected to launch in early September, will likely feature an LCD panel, and is also thought to include minimal upgrades ahead of a big design overhaul for the iPhone 8.

Apple is almost certain to retain the home button on this year’s phone, but some reports have suggested the company will introduce a new Force Touch version
of the button with haptic feedback.

The handset is also said to come without another another long-standing feature: the headphone jack.

Whether the iPhone 8 will arrive sans home button remains to be seen – at this point Bloomberg and the WSJ’s reports are far from confirmed.

But we’re intrigued to see, if Apple does get rid of the button, how it will add the functionality to the screen itself.

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